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Sophisticated Representation In Litigated Bank And Finance Disputes

The attorneys at Astor Weiss Kaplan & Mandel LLP are very experienced in financial litigation. We can represent your interests in a wide range of financial disputes. Some of our notable case types are discussed below.

Confession of judgment cases. In these cases, the holder of the note enters a judgment against another party before a judge ever sees the case. Recently, on behalf of a client, we successfully convinced a court to open a judgment that had been filed as a “confessed judgment.”

Fraudulent conveyance cases. These cases involve an allegation that a person is attempting to avoid debt payment by transferring money to another person or company. Creditors typically bring the cause of action.

We are also highly experienced in litigating mortgage foreclosure cases.

Financial litigation involves precise rules and in-depth knowledge of the law. We are well-equipped, experienced and ready to file any claim with a court or defend in court.

Serving Clients Throughout The Greater Philadelphia Area

Astor Weiss Kaplan & Mandel LLP has offices in Philadelphia, Bala Cynwyd and Wayne, Pennsylvania, as well as an office in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. From these four locations, we can serve clients throughout a wide geographical area. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation if you need highly skilled legal representation in a financial dispute. Call 215-790-0100 or email us.

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