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Comprehensive Legal Services And Representation In Real Estate And Real Estate Finance Matters

The firm’s real estate and real estate finance department has earned a reputation for providing quality services at reasonable prices in varied aspects of real estate law. We represent clients in the acquisition, sale, leasing, development and financing of residential, office, industrial retail projects and community associations. Clients include developers, syndicators, landlords, tenants, lenders, sellers and investors.

Representation In Acquisitions And Sales

Representing clients in the purchase and sale of commercial real estate includes the drafting, reviewing and negotiating of letters of intent, purchase and sale agreements, and conveyance documents.

When representing purchasers of commercial real estate, we also negotiate and review financial documents and provide our clients with a detailed due diligence plan. In helping our clients navigate through the due diligence process, we will review title and survey matters, environmental issues and all other property evaluation documents. Additionally, we will also review, to the extent necessary, condominium documents and lease agreements, and we provide our clients with a summary of the relevant laws and ordinances in the jurisdictions where the property to be purchased is located.

Whether our clients are purchasing or selling commercial property, our goal is to guide our clients through the transaction process by maximizing our client’s information base so that they can make informed decisions. We also document the transaction to provide our clients with all necessary protections.

Our firm has represented clients in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania through numerous sales and purchases, including the purchase and subsequent sales of shopping centers, commercial condominiums, apartment buildings, strip malls, industrial complexes and stand-alone commercial structures.

Advice And Guidance In Financing Matters

Our firm represents borrowers in various types of real estate loan transactions, including syndications and sale-leasebacks. We also offer representation to institutional and private lenders in acquisition and construction loan transactions.

If you represent a condominium co-op or a homeowners association, we can guide you through the process of obtaining loans and lines of credit for a variety of purposes, including funding improvement projects.

Residential Real Estate Services And Representation

The skilled attorneys at Astor Weiss Kaplan & Mandel LLP can provide representation and advice to any party involved in a residential real estate transaction. We regularly counsel clients in connection with the purchase and sale of existing housing. We also represent developers and purchasers in connection with new construction. Finally, we protect the legal and financial interests of homeowners and condominium associations.

Community Association Law

In addition to preparing and updating documents to govern condominiums, planned communities and cooperatives, we represent developers in issues related to a turnover of control and construction defect litigation.

We represent individuals and small groups of unit owners in disputes related to how the association is being run and how unit owners are being treated.

We also represent associations in implementing the turnover of control from the developer, operation of the association, rights of the association and the unit owners, counseling and providing documentation for implementation of association policies (such as collections, access to records, transparency, dealing with troublemakers and issues under the fair housing laws including discrimination and dealing with handicapped persons), and negotiation and preparation of management agreements.

Real Estate Development Services And Related Legal Work

Our work in this area includes counseling clients and the preparation of documents regarding the form of ownership, such as subdivisions, condominiums, co-ops or planned communities. We also draft, review and negotiate contracts with architects and contractors, and we prepare legal agreements including joint venture agreements, development agreements and reciprocal easement agreements.

Finally, we can help establish governing rules through the creation of the declaration of condominiums documents for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Representing Landlords, Tenants And Others In Leasing Matters

Our firm provides extensive representation of both landlords and tenants in retail, office and industrial leasing, including ground leases. We can also represent either landlords or tenants in eviction matters and other lease disputes.

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