Safe habits that can protect you from aggressive drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Personal Injury

Everyone operating a motor vehicle has the responsibility to drive safely so as to ensure the well-being of all drivers on the road. It is unfair that the aggressive behaviors of one individual might cause you pain and suffering.

While you might be on the right side of the law if a negligent driver crashes into you, it is in your best interest to avoid an accident altogether. Maintaining certain defensive driving habits will help you stay safe even in the presence of aggressive drivers.

Use the left lane for passing only

Known as the “passing lane” by safe drivers and the “fast lane” by more impatient types, the left lane is a place you should avoid if you are trying to drive defensively. Blocking the left lane at low speeds tends to invite aggressive motorists to tailgate you at a dangerously close distance.

Brake early

Many drivers tend to pay little heed to vehicle stopping distances. By braking early and gradually, you ensure that you have enough distance to come to a complete stop without colliding with the car in front of you. Likewise, avoiding a sudden stop also protects you from experiencing a rear end at the hands of an aggressive driver behind you.

Maintain awareness

Being aware of your surroundings and the unsafe behaviors of those around you is the most fundamental key to safety. Driving while distracted, on the other hand, makes it more likely that you will fail to notice another person’s aggressive actions before it is too late.

Practicing safe habits lowers your chances of experiencing an accident with an aggressive driver. If you do sustain damage due to another driver’s aggression, though, the fault lies with them and you have the right to pursue your due compensation.