This is one of the most common questions we are asked.  If you are in a car accident and a family member is in a different one- why isn’t recovery the same?  There are many factors that go into determining a settlement value of a case.  First- the specifics of the accident.  No two crashes are identical.  In one, the actions of the other may have clearly caused the crash but in the other case it may not be as clear.  Second, the insurance may be different.  Some insurance companies are easier to work with than others.  Third, given this firm’s long history with litigation, we may have had the opportunity to work with the insurance adjusters before.  If that is the case, that adjuster may remember how fair we were and be more likely to work fairly with us this time.  Fourth, no two injuries are ever the same.  Two people may have both hurt their necks- but the injuries are still different.  One person may have had a prior condition that was made worse, another may have more time off of work because their pain tolerance is lower, and yet another person may not fully recover from a similar neck injury.  The type and severity of the injury factors into the settlement.  In every case, the experience of the lawyer in handling the matter plays a large part in the resolution of the case.  That same experience leads the clients to understand what is recoverable and what isn’t- with easy to follow reasons.  Each person is unique and so is their case- our approach is to work with each person to maximize the recovery for that person.

By: Dina S. Ronsayro