Divorces can occur for a number of reasons. It could be a mutual decision with both parties realizing that it just wasn’t working anymore or something could have happened that triggered one person in the relationship to split. Usually, this major event that breaks up the relationship is infidelity with the person who was cheated on realizing they just can’t trust their partner anymore. These types of divorces are always more challenging because it’s such a sensitive topic. Evidence that proves adultery took place can come in the form of cheating text messages or even dna testing Gulfport MS on the children. Of course, dealing with such a complex topic that involves matters like child custody, property rights, and pensions usually requires legal assistance.

Philadelphia, PA-based law firm Astor Weiss Kaplan and Mandel, LLP is now offering the benefit of their 150 years’ combined family law experience to provide clients formidable legal counsel in challenging divorce cases. The firm’s family lawyers have the legal experience, the comforting expert understanding and the compassion to help clients achieve their case objectives and ensure their family is protected for the long-term.

One of the worries that people experience in divorce cases is the fear that their inexperience with the law could leave them with no access to their children and with little financial support to move forward with their lives. This is why in another state, people speak to a family law attorney in jacksonville fl to get help in this kind of event, as such cases are tremendously difficult for all parties involved. And it is for this reason that Philadelphia couples going through the divorce process require the legal assistance of family lawyers who understand the law and take a personalized approach to divorce proceedings. Now, many are turning to the experts at the law offices of Astor Weiss Kaplan and Mandel, LLP.

The family law team at Astor Weiss Kaplan and Mandel, LLP offer s a great range of experience in resolving family law matters with expertise and understanding. They often meet with clients who are not yet in a position to divorce but wish to ensure that they are in the best position possible should a divorce occur. The firm’s expert services comprise all facets of the divorce filing process, including filing and defending fault and no-fault complaints, equitable distribution, and alimony/spousal support. The experts at Astor Weiss Kaplan and Mandel, LLP are experts in the field of drafting property settlement agreements and resolving issues relating to child custody and support. It is the firm’s legal expertise that could prove invaluable for all clients going through complex divorce cases. Complex divorce cases can take its toll on all parties involved, however, sometimes there can be an uncontested divorce case and that can be easier on families, but may still need a lawyer just to go over the agreement to cover any and all eventualities that may come up.

To arrange a consultation with the experienced family lawyers at Astor Weiss Kaplan and Mandel, LLP, please contact the firm directly or visit its website at www.astorweiss.com.