Social Networking After an Accident

After you are in an accident and are safe, you often want to tell the whole world how somebody did something wrong and hurt you. That feeling is extremely natural. However, it can hurt any potential case you may have. Every solicitor will tell you the same, whether its for a personal injury claim or for a bicycle accident claim, companies like will find it so much harder to get a case put through after you put across your feelings on social media. With the increase of social networks and the Internet, people are using it more and more to express what is happening in their daily lives. However, this same information that is being made available to your friends and family is also then available to the other side, and this is why an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer, for example, would likely tell you to refrain from such commentary if the case is being brought to court. A simple statement that “oh it wasn’t that bad” or “I’m not really hurt” can impact the value of your case. If you claim you hurt your leg and then post pictures of you rock climbing a few weeks later- it can impact the value of your case. This is why if you must update people via social media, it is best to discuss the matter first with your personal injury attorney denver to see what would be the best statement to give. That way you can be sure there won’t be an issue. The best rule of thumb is- when in doubt don’t post!

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By: David L. Woloshin