Hot Tips:
Divorce and Estate Planning: Careful, Competent Lawyers Must
Think of Everything!

If you are separated and not yet divorced, what is it important for you to think about or

  1. Review your current Will and make changes to protect yourself. Do not
    wait until your divorce is final.
  2. Think about Trusts for your children who will probably be the beneficiaries.
    Who should be their Trustee? What ages can your children handle
  3. Think about your IRA beneficiaries, your 401K beneficiaries and other
    retirement plans. Consult an experienced lawyer before you change
    anything because sometimes you are not permitted to remove your
    spouse as beneficiary until the final divorce.
  4. Also be aware of insurance policies and beneficiaries. Do not make any
    changes before consulting an attorney.

In short, be aware that separation and divorce are intertwined with your estate planning.

By: Julie A. Auerbach