Pennsylvania has a strong law protecting people from physical abuse.  Generally speaking, persons eligible for relief are family and household members, sexual or intimate partners, and siblings.

Covered acts of abuse are causing bodily injury, sexual assault, false imprisonment, physical abuse of minor children, as well as placing someone in imminent fear of any of those acts.

Complaints can be filed with county courts of common pleas or district justice magistrates.  Temporary orders can be obtained, and final orders issued after trial.  Remedies include stay-away orders, eviction from common residences, reimbursement for monetary losses such as medical bills, wages, and property damage, turnover of weapons, and counsel fees.  Orders can be effective for up to three years.

Violators of orders can be held in contempt and fined and/or imprisoned.  The courts take these acts seriously and we can provide counsel and representation in these matters.

David I. Grunfeld