It is recommended that you prepare this and give copies to your Executor and next of kin in a sealed envelope labeled “To be opened in the event of my death or incompetency.”  It is not necessary to sign it, or to have it witnessed or notarized, but you certainly may sign it.  You may also give those people an idea of the contents.

1. Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Declaration — location of documents, name and telephone number of attorney recommended to handle estate;

2. Funeral and burial — location of plot and certificate(s), preferences;

3. Insurance policies (life, health, disability, accident, long term care, auto) — location, names and telephone numbers of agents;

4. Automobile information — location of vehicles, titles, keys;

5. Safe deposit box — location of box and keys, summary of contents;

6. Personal property off premises if any — office, storage, in custody of third party;

7. Division of personal property among beneficiaries;

8. Employee benefits — summary, name and telephone number of representative;

9. Account information — bank accounts, IRA accounts and other retirement plans, security and brokerage accounts, loans, credit cards (destroy all that are not joint), and other debts;

10. Tax returns — location, name and telephone number of accountant;

11. Your social security number;

12. Birth, death, naturalization and marriage certificates, divorce decrees, adoption, support and custody orders;

13. Deeds, leases, mortgages, home improvement records

14. Business and partnership agreements;

15. Receipts, guarantees and warranties for major purchases;

16. Usernames, passwords and answers to security questions for each digital account on site.