Help Me, Help You

While I am certainly not Jerry Maguire, I often express the same sentiment to many of my clients.  A common misperception that many clients have of the legal system is that once the attorney has the case, the client can completely disappear into the background and have nothing further to do with the case.  However, this is a sure way to make things difficult for your attorney and can provide significant obstacles to your case.  The truth is, an attentive and prepared client can be one of the most valuable assets to a case.

Now, your question may be, why am I paying my attorney so much money if I am so important?  Attorneys are experts of the law and an experienced, knowledgeable and a diligent attorney is essential to any legal battle.  However, an attorney’s capability expands exponentially when he or she has a client that can provide them with as much of the details of a case as possible.  The law often requires the application of facts to the law.  An experienced attorney must be able to ask the correct questions, but the client must provide the answers.  Not only is arming your attorney with the necessary facts of the case helpful to you, but it will also save your attorney time, allowing him or her to focus on the most important issues and tasks of the case.  This will make your case move along more efficiently and may even save you money by having your attorney spend less time sifting through the weeds of the case.  By assisting your attorney, you are essentially assisting yourself.

By: Jordan Schlossberg