Philadelphia, PA-based law firm, Astor Weiss Kaplan & Mandel, LLP  recently announced that one of their leading team members, Alan Molod, served on the faculty of the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s CLE program on the new Pennsylvania Association Transactions Act and its new Entity Transactions Law. The program, which was held in Philadelphia on May 11, brought together business attorneys from across the legal field to discuss the impact that the new law will have on future business transactions.

The new law is designed to create a framework for business entities to use when engaging in certain transaction with other entities. Procedures for mergers and other forms of business transaction have been re-written. so proactive business attorneys across the profession are now building their understanding of the new legislation. The program brought together prominent business attorneys to discuss the impact of the new law. Alan Molod discussed the impact the legislation would have on interest exchanges and on domestications. He explained elements such as the timing and approval of such transactions, and guided participants through the process of implementing such transactions. The event proved highly informative for the participants and set the foundation for successful integration of the new legislation into the Philadelphia legal community.

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