It is difficult enough to earn the title of being one of the best lawyers in Philadelphia. It is even harder to maintain that title for several years. Ronald B. Glazer, an extraordinarily talented and dedicated lawyer, practicing real estate and real estate finance law at Astor Weiss Kaplan and Mandel LLP, managed to do all of these things and more. Ronald B. Glazer has recently been honored by being listed in “The Best Lawyers in America.” Moreover, this is not the first time Ronald Glazer has achieved this feat; he has been listed as one of “The Best Lawyers in America” for over 30 years!


Ronald Glazer was first attracted to real-estate law during a time when major property, housing, and building development was happening in Philadelphia. After being offered a position with a legal institution that was passionate about facilitating the growth of Philadelphia, Ronald was inspired to seize the opportunity.

Since then, Ronald Glazer has been rewarded by building relationships with clients, revitalizing areas, and ultimately creating Philadelphia and neighboring communities into a colorfully vibrant urban center.

To Ronald, the key to success is hard work. It is important to learn something new every day and never stop the pursuit of education. Additionally, performing work efficiently and economically has always been part of Ronald Glazer’s formula for success.


One of Ronald’s greatest achievements includes his involvement in the creation of a condominium and air rights legal structure for the redevelopment of the Reading Terminal Headhouse in Philadelphia with a new railroad station, a grand hall (formerly a railroad shed), retail stores, restaurants, a hotel, and the Philadelphia Convention Center. This was done for the purpose of separating the ownership and financing and dividing it into different parts.

Advice to New Lawyers in Philadelphia

When asked what advice he would give to new lawyers in Philadelphia, Ronald Glazer replied, “there are many smart lawyers out there, but very few give efficient and economical good service.” Ronald advocates for professional cooperation, and respectful relationships between law firms, Philadelphia lawyers, and clients.

Moreover, Ronald advises young lawyers to not produce unnecessarily complex documents or to use forms and documents without understanding the reasoning behind each provision.

Whether you are looking for a real estate lawyer or a tax attorney in Philadelphia, Astor Weiss Kaplan and Mandel LLP, has some of the most impressive lawyers in Philadelphia and even all of America. Ronald B. Glazer has spent 30 years sitting on the list for “The Best Lawyers in America” because of his drive, passion, and hard work. You could be looking from douglas county co real estate to Charlottesville real estate to find your best home, so make sure that you have a good real estate lawyer on hand to help you navigate through this.


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