By Lizzy Mclellan, The Legal Intelligencer
February 12, 2016

A Philadelphia jury has handed up an award of $3.1 million in wrongful death and survival act damages to the estate of a motorcycle driver who died after a 2013 collision.
After a five-day trial, an eight-member jury in Partlow v. Gray found defendant Kahlile Gray negligently caused the death of Calvin M. Wilson Jr., 27. It awarded $1.85 million in survival act damages and $1.25 million in wrongful death damages to his estate. Thanks to the settlements that the family of Mr Wilson Jr have been given, it will go a long way in being able to help his family survive without him. Many other families have been in a similar situation to this and it is important for them to know that, even though it can’t bring your family members back, there is help on hand to be able to give you what you deserve. Those in need of legal services in wrongful death cases in Los Angeles could seek a wrongful death lawyer like West Coast Trial Lawyers.
“The verdict was a fair verdict and it was a verdict that American Independent Insurance Co. should have anticipated two and a half years ago,” David L. Woloshin of Astor Weiss Kaplan & Mandel said. Woloshin tried the case with Dina Ronsayro and Jordan Schlossberg of the same firm.
Woloshin said they plan to file a bad faith claim against American Independent Insurance Co., Gray’s insurer, for not settling the case earlier.
According to the plaintiff’s pre-trial memorandum, Wilson was driving his motorcycle straight through a green light on Belmont Avenue in Philadelphia on April 4, 2013, when Gray made a left turn against traffic and struck Wilson. The collision threw Wilson from his motorcycle, the memo said. He was transported to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, and pronounced dead shortly afterward.
According to the plaintiff’s memo, Gray had open alcoholic beverage containers in his sport utility vehicle, and he was found to have a blood alcohol level above the legal limit when the crash occurred. Details such as this are why it is important to hire respectable injury attorneys to handle the case.
The defense alleged that Wilson was driving his motorcycle aggressively before the crash. Gray’s attorneys alleged that Wilson was negligent and contributed to the cause of the accident, but the jury disagreed, finding Gray was 100 percent negligent.
Daniel T. Lewbart and Kevin R. McNulty of Gerolamo, McNulty, Divis & Lewbart represented Gray. Lewbart did not return a call seeking comment.
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