As discussed in our other article, Mediation and Family Law: Advice from Our Lawyers in Philadelphia, mediation is a process whereby a third party facilitates a conversation between you and your spouse to aid you in reaching a resolution. Taking the court route can be an expensive endeavor, making mediation a great choice for those that want to avoid this process and potentially save on fees. Our family lawyers in Montgomery County understand the ins and outs of this process and would like to outline some of the benefits to mediation as a means of conflict resolution during a divorce. 

More control

Going to court means putting your divorce case in the hands of the legal system. Once the cards are down, you will have little control over the outcome of your case.. If you disagree with the outcome, which may come many weeks after a trial, you must follow a designated appeal process in order to seek a change or modification. Mediation allows both parties to retain control over the particular process, which may include the division of assets, personal property or even their custody schedule. Mediation requires two parties who are committed to the process, willing to listen, brainstorm solutions and compromise. 

Flexibility with your schedule

We recognize that clients have a life and work obligations in addition to addressing their legal issues.  Mediation provides clients with the flexibility to create a schedule that suits their needs. Other legal alternatives such as litigation require you to adhere to the scheduling of the court and attend hearings on specific days. With mediation, you and your spouse can decide on when and where the mediation process will happen, allowing you to work it around your busy daily schedule.

Reduced Legal Expenses

Litigating your divorce means that both parties will generally have to pay their attorney and court costs, which can be expensive in contentious matters. For the process of mediation to proceed, only the mediator must be paid between the two of you. Mediation is an ideal choice for parties who are committed to an out of court process, are amicable and want to minimize attorney fees during their divorce settlement. Our family lawyers in Montgomery County are sensitive to the financial resources of their clients and wish to offer a range of services including mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce. It is important to discuss the processes available to you with an attorney and determine which process best suits your needs.

Quicker settlements 

With an open mind and the reasonable approach to addressing what issues may arise, mediation can help both parties come to a conclusion quickly. Instead of waiting for hearing dates and dealing with the long court process, you and your spouse can proceed as fast as you wish given the situation. Attorneys at Astor Weiss will make every attempt to accommodate your schedules and may put several meetings on the calendar in advance in order to facilitate the momentum of negotiations.

At Astor, Weiss, Kaplan & Mandel, our family lawyers in Montgomery County have witnessed how challenging and draining many divorce cases can be. Therefore, our firm set out to provide many options for dispute resolution for our clients. Mediation is a great process for those willing to make the effort and can lead to a satisfactory resolution with minimal court fees. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a mediation consultation, please call 215-790-0100.