A Philadelphia Tradition For Over 65 Years

Sophisticated guidance for your legal needs

A Philadelphia Tradition For Over 65 Years

Sophisticated guidance for your legal needs

Offering Quality Representation And Counseling To Clients In The Greater Philadelphia Area

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For David Gutin,
I just wanted to thank you so much for all of the hard work you have done for our family. We wouldn’t be in the incredible place we are today without you.

I want to thank you Julie for taking my case and working hard….I’m grateful for your expertise! You became more than attorney to me, you became a friend, I became comfortable talking to you and you listen to my problems and understood. Thanks again Julie to you and your family.

Attorney Gutin, thank you for everything you did to manage my divorce case and keep it civil and cost effective.

Dear Jordan, There are great lawyers and then there are outstanding lawyers! The AWKM law firm is outstanding.

Dear Dave, thank you for your kindness in resolving our difficulties with the company.

Dear Julie, Thank you for everything you’ve done to keep me sane and on the road to recovery in the past year.

David Mandel proved to be extremely valuable in negotiating a set of complex issues on my behalf with very good results

Jerry, Your extensive knowledge of the law and meticulous attention to detail is matched by your compassion, kindness and patience.

Dear attorney Workman, I wanted to say goodbye and thanks for the services. It’s been a pleasure working with your firm, as everything was streamlined and efficient.

Julie, thank you for getting my kids back and allowing me to start the new year off right.

Dave, I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am for you, Jordan and everyone else who helped me with this entire process. Thank you again a million times!

Dear David, A bit delayed but my ‘thank you’ is just as sincere. You and Your Teams handling of my accident case eased my recovery efforts. I felt justly compensated for what followed the accident. Very Much appreciate you good work.

There are no words to describe how grateful I am for all that you’ve done for me over the years, Jerry. Your patience, wisdom, and counsel have helped to make a very difficult situation bearable, and your support is deeply appreciated. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a health, happy, successful new year.

David Gutin – I wish I could find words strong enough to express our gratitude. I am hoping that by sharing my struggle you understand the impact of what your help has done for us. Thank you for helping us, David.

Thanks so much Dave. We couldn’t have done it without you. I’m so relieved and feel like I will appreciate life a little more each morning when I awake without that feeling. You know what I mean.Again thanks for everything you know that if we know anyone looking for a lawyer you’re the one to refer.

Julie, thank you so much for everything! I am very thankful that you took on my case. I appreciate the way you handled it, and all your support throughout this stressful process.

“Julie, I am immensely grateful to you, you are an angel that God put in our path.”

Dear Jerry, I just want to thank you for all you’ve done in the past few years. You’ve helped protect me and looked out for me and my daughter. I never could have gotten go this happy place if it hadn’t been for the wise decision to work with you. You have been one of the angels who helped turn this terrible divorce into the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you.

Judy, I am deeply grateful for how you fought for me and kept your cool through the negotiations. You always kept my best interests and legal rights in mind. I am at peace today knowing that I am going to be OK. I am deeply grateful for Judy’s help and would highly recommend her.

Dear Jordan, You are the man!!! You never gave up on me and I truly appreciate that!

Julie, I am grateful for all your hard work through this process….Your guidance and professionalism is so appreciated…thank you for being ethical and working to resolved items in a reasonable manner.

Mr. Mandel, Your expertise and guidance helped me feel secure and confident that my best interest was being managed. Now I know who I can turn to for any future assistance I may need regarding real estate representation or otherwise.

Jerry, Thank you for your expertise and guidance this past year. Your patience and compassion when explaining the legal process helped make a stressful situation manageable. I appreciate your dedication to achieving a positive outcome for me.

Kelly A.

Experience You Can Trust

At Astor Weiss Kaplan & Mandel LLP,​ our goal is to solve clients’ legal issues quickly with as little disruption to their lives as possible. The firm draws on our attorneys’ diverse range of knowledge and over 65 years of experience to achieve successful results. Our firm can efficiently solve both complex legal matters and routine matters based on our high-quality service and abilities.

Our History

The firm was founded by Paul C. Astor in 1954 and serves clients in diverse practice areas. Legal services are provided to public and privately owned companies, nonprofit organizations and individuals. A commitment of the firm’s attorneys to public service, in addition to providing excellent legal services, existed at its founding and continues today. Many of our attorneys have gone on to public service. Some have become members of the judicial and legislative branches. A former partner, Madam Justice Sandra Schultz Newman, was the first woman elected to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The Honorable Berle M. Schiller is a judge of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

A Strong Reputation For Skilled Legal Services

At Astor Weiss Kaplan & Mandel, LLP we have built a strong reputation for delivering skilled and experienced legal counsel. Whether it is for business law, personal injury, family law, estate planning and administration or any other areas of expertise, our firm provides services for a wide array of legal concerns. Our attorneys work each case as a team, showcasing our dedication to ensuring the best possible outcome for every client.

We Are Committed To Our Community

The firm has a strong commitment to charitable, civic and cultural organizations. Our attorneys are involved in more than 35 organizations in the Philadelphia area.

Dedication To Personalized Client Relationships

As a mid-size firm, Astor Weiss Kaplan & Mandel LLP​ is uniquely positioned to maintain personalized relationships with our clients while providing legal support. Attorney-client relationships are characterized by the professionalism found in all Astor Weiss Kaplan & Mandel LLP affairs. The strength of the firm has always been its talented, dedicated and experienced attorneys who will ensure that this tradition endures.

No matter your legal need, we can help.